Yamaha and Yanmar

A Full Line Yamaha Dealer in Vermont for your re-power needs.

We are dealers for both Yamaha outboards and Yanmar diesel engines, both being the most popular and reliable motors for their applications. We stock common parts and have factory trained service technicians to perform engine inspections, scheduled and preventative maintenance, warrantee work, winterization, and emergency repairs.

We stock 25 hp and under Yamaha outboards and have excellent access (backed up with talented service) to other models directly from Yamaha warehouse inventories for your re-power needs !

We carry a 100% Customer Service Index (CSI) rating with Yamaha !!!

Current in stock Yamaha Inventory

HP / Model Shaft Length Weight (lbs) Comment MSRP NHM Price
F2.5 SMHB 15″ 37 internal gas tank $1,110 $955
F6 SMHA 15″ 59 internal gas tank $1,915 $1,645
F8 SMHB 15″ 87 tiller, manual start $2,525  $2,169
F9.9 LMHB 20″ 89 tiller, manual start $2,920 $2,510
F15 SMHA 15″ 111 tiller, manual start  $3,180  $2,735
F15 SEHA 15″ 117 electric start, tiller $3,510  $3,020
F25 LWTC 20″ 143 electric start, remote $5,370  $4,600
F25 SWHC 15″ 132 electric start, tiller $4,410 $3,795

 Call 802-372-5953 for pricing and delivery on other Yamaha models and Yanmar diesel engines