VT Clean Marina

North Hero Marina/ North Hero, Vermont/Lake Champlain Islands


“North Hero Marina and its staff are committed to protect the water quality of Lake Champlain by engaging in environmentally sound operating and maintenance procedures, improving energy efficiency, reducing solid and hazardous waste and providing clean boating facts and tips to our customers. We have and maintain a working partnership with Vermont DEC Environmental Assistance Office to continually look for improvement opportunities for our established Best Management Practices and environmental stewardship.”




North Hero Marina received the “Clean Marina” Award from the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation on June 2, 2011. The award comes through setting up a working partnership with representatives from the Vermont Small Business Development Center and the Environmental Assistance Office (EAO) and meeting the requirements of eight distinct environmental standards in the areas of waste stream reduction, increased recycling, reduction of energy consumption, use of environmentally friendly products and implementing Best Management Practices in areas such as fueling handling, boat handling and maintenance, painting and facility management.

We are proud to have met the levels of the environmental standards and thank all those from the EAO that worked with us to bring us to this level of environmental stewardship.     Jim Blandino & Mary Fitzpatrick