Marina Covid19 Policies and Procedures
06/13/20 until further notice
Subject to change


Members – people that own a boat either stored on land or on a slip or mooing that have a signed contract with the marina

Public – people that are not members that want to come to the marina for, as example but not limited to, purchase retail items, launch a private trailer boat

Marina Employee – owners and direct employees of the marina; owners and direct employees of on site marine repair contractors such as Island Marine services and Vermont Fiberglass Specialties

Contractor – off site vendor hired by the marina to complete member requested boat maintenance services

Boater Family Unit – the immediate family of the boat owner living in the same residence as the owner

General Rules until further notice – derived from State of Vermont Executive Order

NEW CHANGES – Effective June 8 visitors from designated areas are now allowed to come to Vermont without quarantine if they travel from their location to Vermont in their personal vehicle. If you travel by air or bus or other public means than quarantine is still required. Refer to the map at . If your county has an infection rate below 400 cases per million of population you are clear to visit without quarantine. Visit this web site for this map and for other travel restrictions if your county / region does not qualify for this relief ….it will be updated weekly.

On June 15th, quarantine policies will change, allowing travelers to either quarantine in their home state if they travel by car to Vermont or to quarantine at the campground (marina fits here too) or lodging property regardless of how they travel to Vermont.  Travelers may complete either: (i) a 14-day quarantine; or (ii) complete a 7-day quarantine followed by a negative test – in their home state and enter Vermont without further quarantine restrictions if they drive directly from their home via their personal vehicle. Travelers may complete either: (i) a 14 day quarantine; or (ii) a 7-day quarantine followed by a negative test – in a Vermont lodging establishment regardless of destination origin or manner of travel (travelers must stay in their quarantine location for the duration of quarantine other than to travel to and from a test site).
End New Changes

All employees, vendors and members are required to strictly adhere to CDC, OSHA, and State physical distancing and health and safety guidelines. (Note: Canada has the exact same health and safety guidelines)

You are not allowed on the property if sick with respiratory symptoms (fever, cough and or shortness of breath). Stay at home if sick


Bath house OPEN

  • We will clean as usual at 8:00 AM; 12:00 PM and 6 PM every day as usual but we will add cleaning all touch surfaces with an approved alcohol based disinfectant
  • As an extra precaution we will leave a small spray bottle of the same disinfectant in each bathroom if you choose to use between our scheduled cleaning times – if missing they will NOT be replaced

Transient boaters must either be from Vermont of comply with the travel restrictions outlined in the “NEW CHANGES” section above

Only 6 people (that includes staff) in the office and ship’s store at one time – wait outside with appropriate social distancing

Social distancing of at least 6’ must be maintained without facial coverage – you can do what you want on your boat.

Everyone on the property must have a method of covering their nose and mouth by a method approved by the CDC and other health agencies (scarf, gaiter, mask, etc – it does not have to be an N-95 mask) and must be used if within 6’ of others (except your house hold family)

Only one Boater family unit or marina employee may be on the dock accessing or egressing a specific finger dock. If someone is on the dock wait until they clear onto their boat or onto land before accessing the dock

All Services available

Maintenance and repair – owners must be off the boats while maintenance staff (employee or contractor) is aboard (actually an insurance requirement too). Maintenance staff shall disinfect all touched surfaces when job is complete

Gas / Diesel / Pump out – services by marina staff only – no self service. Boat owners shall remove and replace any through deck fitting covers; maintain 6’ separation or cover with facial mask

Boat launching – Member boat owners must be present for launch their boat by specific appointment as usual; boaters and marina staff will observe socially distant protocols at all times; boat owners shall maintain 50’ spacing from marina boat moving equipment; the marina staff will not pilot the boat to the slip or mooring for the boat owner

The Tiki Bar OPEN weekends for now – outdoor seating by reservation only – call 802-372-7395 or for take out